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Looking for the best tattoo artist? Look no further! We can turn your tattoo ideas into a body art masterpiece. For your convenience we do many tattoo styles, from black and grey, realism, portrait, japanese, color to traditional tattoos. Tattoo artists as Ink Hype Tattoo offer an array of styles and techniques to suit every taste.

At Ink Hype Tattoo, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients above all else. We adhere to the strictest hygiene practices, ensuring that our studio is always sterile, clean, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. When you choose us as your tattoo artist, you can rest assured that you are in capable and trustworthy hands.

So why wait? Reach out today for a free consultation and estimate, and let Ink Hype Tattoo bring your vision to life!

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Whether you’re a seasoned ink enthusiast or getting your first tattoo, an experienced and skilled artist like Ink Hype Tattoo got you covered. Consider getting a free consultation with us for a memorable tattoo experience. With his years of experience, welcoming environment and professionalism rest assured that you will get exceptional tattoos.

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Black and Grey Tattoos

As a black and grey tattoo artist, this style is one of our favorites. We thoroughly enjoy working with all kinds of black and grey tattoos, as there are endless ideas and styles to explore. Moreover, this style’s ability to stand the test of time makes it truly exceptional.

realism tattoo artist

Realism Tattoos

As a realism tattoo artist this is another tattoo style we really enjoy. There are absolutely no limits when it comes to realism tattoos, or as some may call it, realistic tattoos. In this style, there are no limits because the possibilities of ideas and designs are truly unlimited.

portrait tattoo artist

Portrait Tattoos

Think of us as a portrait tattoo artist too! Whether it’s memorial tattoos, beloved pets, or famous movie stars, there are endless ideas for portrait tattoos. Our passion lies in bringing these tattoos to life as real possible, as they hold immense meaning for our clients.

japanese tattoo artist

Japanese Tattoos

Welcome to the captivating world of Japanese tattoos, where ancient artistry meets modern expression. As a Japanese tattoo artist, this is a style we truly enjoy. From dragons, koi fish to samurai and flowers, there’s plenty of ideas that can come to life in this tattoo style.

color tattoo artist

Color Tattoos

As a skilled color tattoo artist, we are passionate about transforming your skin into a canvas of endless possibilities. Whether you want a fantasy scene, or a pop-culture icon rendered with exceptional brilliance, we have the experience to make any color tattoos.

traditional tattoo artist

Traditional Tattoos

“Let’s go dive into the real deal with those classic, time-honored traditions of traditional tattoos.” As a traditional tattoo artist, we can say that this is a style that will always be around because to its solid lines, bold colors, and ability to last over time.

About Ink Hype Tattoo Artist

Having traveled around the United States, Ink Hype Tattoo is a professional tattoo artist with many years of experience. Having worked in other countries makes him an artist with vast experience in many styles and techniques.

Your Best Tattoo Artist for Custom Tattoos

As a professional tattoo artist, we believe in giving our clients the very best. If you want get custom tattoos, we would be happy to assist you. So, even if you don’t see exactly what you’re searching for, that’s what we’re all about; we love unusual and challenging designs. Don’t be concerned; simply fill out our consultation form for your next tattoo, and tell us what you have in mind, and we will try our best to make it a reality!

We always embrace uniqueness and different artistic designs, as long as they are in good taste. We may even provide big discounts if your piece allows us artistic flexibility so that we can include it in our portfolio. So send us a message and let’s discuss to get things rolling!

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Frequent Asked Questions


You probably have a lot of questions, so we’ll go through some of the basics below. Check out our FAQs regarding tattoos if you want to learn more. Or Contact us if you require assistance with anything else.

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The cost of a tattoo depends on various factors such as size, body placement, complexity, amount of details, with or without colors, and the artist’s hourly rate. We offer all type of pricing options to clients, from a flat price for the tattoo depending on the size and placement, to hourly rate on big pieces. Or we can price for half and full day sections.

As we receive different enquires from every single client. It’s always best to schedule a consultation with us for a more accurate estimate based on your specific design.

If you’ve been seeking for the ideal tattoo artist, you no longer need to keep searching for “tattoo artist near me or tattoo shops near me.” Make Ink Hype Tattoo your tattoo artist of choice. If you want to conduct more study, we recommend looking at different artists’ portfolios and analyzing their style, hygienic practices, and getting comments from former clients. It’s critical to select an artist that understands your concept and makes you feel at ease both throughout the design process and during the tattoo process.

Absolutely! As a custom tattoo artist, we specialize in creating custom designs tailored to your preferences. Collaborate with you to bring your unique ideas to life and create a one-of-a-kind piece that truly represents you. We always welcome original ideas, so let’s talk and see if we are the right fit for it!

We will always provide you with a detailed aftercare instructions for your tattoo. Generally, this includes keeping the area clean, avoiding direct sunlight and swimming until it’s fully healed, applying recommended ointments or creams, and avoiding picking or scratching at the tattooed area.

Remember that each person’s experience may vary slightly, so it’s essential to consult with your artist directly for personalized advice regarding your specific situation. But you can also go and read more at our dedicated tattoo aftercare page, or our blog page for more information related to best products and recommendations.

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