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Our Story: About Ink Hype Tattoo Artist

From a young age, our love for art, drawing, and painting has always burned brightly within us. We embarked on our creative journey by tattooing our friends from school and the neighborhood. Along the way, we had the incredible opportunity to learn from talented international tattoo artists who visited our area or came as tourists. Their wisdom and firsthand experience truly enriched our understanding of the tattooing trade.

Fueled by our passion, we decided to explore different countries, seeking out professional tattoo studios where we could further develop our skills and acquire a plethora of techniques and tips. Our journey led us from one coast to another, as we worked in various tattoo shops from California all the way to the East Coast. We also had the privilege of showcasing our talents at numerous tattoo conventions, where we even earned several prestigious awards.

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Tattoo Styles We Do.

Check our diverse range of tattoo styles, we are passionate and dedicated to bringing your visions to life and creating meaningful artwork that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Consider us as your tattoo artist in Kansas, and let us transform your ink dreams into tangible realities with a style that speaks directly to your heart.

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Black and Grey Tattoos

As black and grey tattoo artists, this style is one of our favorites. We thoroughly enjoy working with all kinds of black and grey tattoos, as there are endless ideas and styles to explore. Moreover, this style’s ability to stand the test of time makes it truly exceptional.

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Realism Tattoos

As a realism tattoo artist this is another tattoo style we really enjoy. There are absolutely no limits when it comes to realism tattoos, or as some may call it, realistic tattoos. In this style, there are no limits because the possibilities of ideas and designs are truly unlimited.

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Portrait Tattoos

Think of us as portrait tattoo artists too! Whether it’s memorial tattoos, beloved pets, or famous movie stars, there are endless ideas for portrait tattoos. Our passion lies in bringing these tattoos to life as real possible, as they hold immense meaning for our clients.

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Japanese Tattoos

Welcome to the captivating world of Japanese tattoos, where ancient artistry meets modern expression. As a Japanese tattoo artist, this is a style we truly enjoy. From dragons, koi fish to samurai and flowers, there’s plenty of ideas that can come to life in this tattoo style.

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Color Tattoos

As a skilled color tattoo artist, we are passionate about transforming your skin into a canvas of endless possibilities. Whether you want a fantasy scene, or a pop-culture icon rendered with exceptional brilliance, we have the experience to make any color tattoos.

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Traditional Tattoos

“Let’s go dive into the real deal with those classic, time-honored traditions of traditional tattoos.” As a traditional tattoo artist, we can say that this is a style that will always be around because to its solid lines, bold colors, and ability to last over time.

Trusted Tattoo Artist in US – Our Mission

Ink Hype Tattoo Artist mission is to provide exceptional products and services that cater to the unique needs of our customers. We are committed to delivering top-notch quality and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. We are committed to sharing our knowledge, experiences, and insights with our readers, offering them valuable aftercare instructions to ensure their tattoos heal beautifully. Through this site, we strive to inject vibrancy, creativity, and a sense of community into the tattoo scene. Please also check out our work in social media, and don’t forget to follow us.

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